Registration Agent: SideSwap

05 JUL 2022

Registration Agent: SideSwap

PEGx today announced the tokenization and direct listing of SideSwap’s shares (AMP Ticker: SSWP) on the Liquid Network.

It further announced that SideSwap is giving away 250 free shares to the first 200 individuals/corporations who register their AMP ID.

SideSwap’s share issuance is a first-in-kind where shares are held in the investors legal name while the AMP tokens are issued as representations on the Liquid Network. Tokens may be traded and transferred freely between whitelisted investors, where the legal register is updated based on the settlement of transactions.

PEGx is pleased to bring this offering to market where it can showcase how blockchains may be used for building a bitcoin based financial system.

About PEGx

PEGx registry services offers a transparent and legally robust method for blockchain based registry management. Token holders enjoy all the benefits associated with self-custody and access to secondary markets. Issuers benefit from automated registry updates, low maintenance costs, and real-time token holder KYC updates.

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